Manual Laboursfriday_3


A long term practice-based research project with Jenny Richards exploring physical and emotional relationships to work. This project reconsiders current time-based structures of work (when does work start and end?) and reasserts the significance of the physical (manual) aspect of immaterial, affective and emotional labour. Manual Labours’ started with a 35 hour ‘working week’-long investigation into the embodied, sensory, emotional affects of work.  Research included a 9 mile walk to work, meetings with our co-workers, film screenings and eating together during a Public Lunch Hour. It continues with an investigation into ‘the complaining body’.


Social Art Map


Social Art Map is a resource for our peers working in areas of practicing, commissioning, curating, collaborating and participating in contexts where artists work with people in the co-creation of a public outcome.

This mini-resource focuses on the timelines of 5 projects that took place in London within the last five years. Emily Druiff (Peckham Platform) and Sophie Hope (Birkbeck) came together, supported by funding from Creativeworks London, to do this mapping of commissioning processes in order to understand better these often hidden procedures. Over several meetings we made collective timelines of each project with the artist(s), commissioner/producer/curator(s) and local/participant/collaborator(s). The edited results are published as an A3 poster. To receive a free copy, contact sophiehope[at]




Using the method of the dinner party I have been inviting guests who were artistically and politically active in the 1980s to come together and experiment in collective time travel to the year 1984. The website documents dinners in London, Singapore, Melbourne and Johannesburg.


Critical Work?coffeestainscopy


A research project with Lorraine Lim about credited work placements on postgraduate arts courses in London. The first part of this project involved mapping the current literature and best practice guidelines on work placements and employability within higher education. This document, ‘Critical Work? Postgraduate Credited Placement in the Arts‘, aims to provide a starting point for a conversation with higher education placement tutors, postgraduate students and host arts organisations. The second phase involved a closer look at five case studies involving a one-day workshop with a selected group of students, placement tutors and representatives from host organisations.



Critical Friends

October 2008-ongoing

A project investigating, critiquing and feeding into the commissioning of public and collaborative art on the Greenwich Peninsula commissioned by Stream.


The Legend of the Yum Yum Clumps


My second radio play for Take a Part, Plymouth. I worked with foley artist Jo Bannon and sound artists Mark Vernon and Neil Rose who recorded and produced the play which was recorded live in North Prospect, Barne Barton, Whitleigh and Efford. The play is about a brave but thirsty tribe still living on the four remaining islands of Dumnonia who become addicted to fertilizer, a gift given to them by the Quontock Economists…

Contact sophiehope[at] if you would like a CD recording of the play.



The naughty tent

August-October 2010


A project with Leila Galloway and residents of Crossfields Estate as part of Deptford X Festival about quiet acts of creative protest in the everyday.




Kunst is Zinloos

The Wild Spirits of Efford

July 2010

A commun
Performative Interviewsity radio play broadcast as part of Efford FM, Plymouth commissioned by Heart of Efford Community Partnership. Click on the above link at listen to the play (broadcast at 5-6pm on the schedule).

Performative Interviews


A series of interviews with artists, commissioners and curators about the the limits of the art commissioning process explored through testimonies of compromise, cancellation and censorship.




May 2009

A workshop and exhibition investigating how artists negotiate the ‘cultural production line’ with Fahim Amir, Fatih Aydogdu, Gulsen Bal, Barbara Holub, Fran Hope, Domenico Mühle, Tina Raffel, Walter Seidl, Christoph Srb, Corina Vetsch and Reinhold Zisser at Open Space gallery in Vienna.



Het Reservaat

July 2007

A community performance developed with Joost de Groot, Daphne de Bruin and residents of Leidsche Rijn about the town seen from the perspective of citizens in the year 3007 visiting a living museum of life in 2007. Commissioned by Beyond.



Manifesto of Possibilities


A manifesto for commissioning Public Art in the Urban Environment produced in collaboration with Cameron Cartiere following on from the Birkbeck ‘Building Cultures’ Seminar Series, Art and OUR City in May 2006 and the action workshop, Building Cultures 2: A Manifesto of Possibilities in February 2007. The poster is available to download here.




A series of residencies, exhibitions and events with practitioners in the UK, south-ease Europe and beyond exploring art, migration and politics, including the Almanac of Political Art and The Sweetest Dream: Unity and Dissonance in Europe.




A six-year collaboration with Sarah Carrington provide a platform for discussion and debate on the role of the artist in society through consultation, events, exhibitions, research, residencies and workshops. See the timeline of B+B’s projects here.